Teaching & Supervision

Teaching at University of Manchester

1. Tutorials in Health Data Science (Postgraduate; Spring 2022 and 2023). The module covered how to gather individual pieces of knowledge and form understanding in order to be able to devise an appropriate strategy to improve healthcare. The main topic is how to clinical decision support systems help clinicians in decision-making.

2. Introduction to Health Data Science (Postgraduate; Autumn 2022). The module intorudced electronic health records, data analysis of electronitc health records, and dashboards development for decision-support in primary care settings.

Teaching at Queen Mary University of London

1. Risk and Decision-Making for Data Science and AI (Postgraduate; Spring 2021). This module provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges of risk assessment, prediction and decision-making covering public health and medicine, the law, government strategy, transport safety and consumer protection.

2. Machine Learning (Postgraduate; Spring 2020). The module described supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods and helped students to implement them to address real world problems.

3. Data Mining (Postgraduate; Spring 2019 and 2020). The module covered an introduction to data analysis, classification, and clustering methods, and their application using real world data, aiming to learn from data to improve future decisions.

4. Bayesian Decision and Risk Analysis (Postgraduate and Undergraduate; Autumn 2018 and 2019). The module covered an introduction to Bayes theorem, Bayesian networks, risk assessment and decision making under uncertainty in medical, legal, and other applications.

5. Enterprise Management (Undergraduate; Spring 2018). The module covered an introduction to information systems, types of information system, uses of Information systems, information systems in e-commerce and e-business, information system design and development, and legal and ethical issues in Information systems.

6. Introduction to Business Information Systems (Undergraduate; Spring 2018). This module covered balances business and technical aspects but adopts a high-level view, aiming for example to explain the purpose and use of databases rather than develop specific skills in database query or design.

Supervision of Master dissertations at University of Manchester

1. Mengyu Cai's dissertation, titled The success and failure factors of decision support system in electronic medical record system.

2. Zeren Tan's dissertation, titled The Method to Construct the Knowledge Graph of Medicine based on MoculeNet.